The Wanderer’s camp is a Burningman theme camp dedicated to the memory of the wanderer “Jeff Wenner” who was a  long time and dedicated burner.

Service to Black Rock City

The Wanderer’s Camp serves Hot Dogs and Gin/Tonic everyday Sunday through Labor Day from the hours of 4pm to 6pm.  Come by relax in the shade and have a yummie hot dog with a cool gin/tonic.

9 Years of Burning!

The Wanderer’s Camp is a family camp made of people of all ages.  The camp began when a family and their friends decided to camp together in 2007. Prior to camping together, Joshua and Jeffrey Wenner had been camping at “Camp Reno,” and Jim/ Robynne Wenner and Shirley/David Luke had a camp called “Pre-Burners.”

In 2008, the camp name was changed to The Wanderer’s Camp after Jeffrey Wenner aka “The Wanderer,” crossed over in 2007.  The camp name was changed to The Wanderer’s Camp in his honor.  The camp has grown to a maximum of 130 people in 2011 and includes many parents and grown children camping together.  Our camp philosophy is “unconditional love”  We now provide hot dogs and gin/tonics everyday during the burn.  This is the 9th year for the Wanderer’s Camp!

Burning Man 8/31/07

Its Friday afternoon and the storm is moving in fast as I find myself in one of the most confused and darkest places in my mind. I am angry and upset with this whole scene and just want to get out so I decide to get away from it all and pedal as far as I can from Black Rock City. I head towards 9 o’clock and ride into a sea of dust that is swirling around at high speeds. I can’t see where I am going so I figure I’ll stop when I hit the orange fence. I’m riding into the unknown and getting pelted with rain as I dive into my alone-ness to see what is hidden there. As I reach the boundary, I decide to follow the trash net all the way around as its the only thing I can see at this point. I find peace in the quiet and stillness of the storm, no one in sight and the only sound I hear is my breath.

I keep moving slowly through thick patches of sand and feel gratitude in my heart for listening to the voice which inspired me to escape from this chaos. As I lift my head, I begin to see the sky again as the clouds part and allow the light to creep in. All of a sudden the entire landscape is clear and a triple Rainbow appears. I stop and drop my bike right around 12 o’clock to witness this gift that I get to experience by myself. The music of the city starts to reach me again along with numerous yells and noise from the thousands who are opening their eyes to this masterpiece. I whip out my camera and start going to town. At this point I am in total awe as there is no one around me and I appreciate the call of Spirit to get out of the madness. I think to myself, I wish there was someone out here to take pictures with and who could get a shot of me with the Rainbow in the background.

Without much time passing, from the corner of my eye I see someone on the other side of the fence arriving to the city. I ask, “Are you sneaking in?” He says, “Ya, I just got here”. I run over and yell, “Well get over fast cause you got 2 BLM patrols right behind you”. He quickly throws his bike in and then flips right over the fence to his freedom. We both embrace and celebrate as we are showered with joy and excitement. “My magical friend, you seem to have brought the Rainbow with you, thanks”.

His name is Wanderer. I express my enthusiasm that now we can take pictures of each other with the Rainbow in the back drop. He pulls out his flask and we share a drink before the photo shoot, while at the same time he hands me a crystal. “I want you to have this, it was given to me by a special friend to bring me luck for getting in. Now that I am here, I want you to have it”. It was such a beautiful piece and I was almost in tears as he gave it to me. We continue to take some of the best pictures I have had an opportunity to play with. As its time to move on, I give him my information and remind him to contact me via email so I can send him the photos. He expresses his excitement in receiving them as he rides into the city like a true Angel in my life.


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.34.04 AM

Fast forward exactly one year later. I arrive at BM Sunday morning with Bhavani after the burn. Our first mission is to see the temple so we immediately walk in that direction. As I arrive, one of the first people I gaze eyes with is Lauren HaHa. She is in a deep space and about to go into meditation as she aligns certain items and crystals around her. As we acknowledge one another, my eyes are drawn to some photos up on the Temple. “Wait a minute, it can’t be – the images look so familiar.” Over the year I never heard back from “Wanderer” and I even found him on Tribe, yet he never replied. These pictures looked just like the ones on his page. I step away for a moment and ask, “Ok Wanderer, if this is really you, show me a sign right now” Almost instantly, a big block from the top of the structure flew and landed on the ground almost hitting a couple that was taking a nap. I step back and ask for another sign while I see JacobEye and tell him the story of this man. I am just looking for confirmation that this is truly Wanderer. JacobEye points to one of the photos that is written on with a marker saying, “To Jeff “The Wanderer”. RIP 12/28/07. Turns out he passed later that year and probably one of the reasons why I never heard back from him.

At this point, I immediately shift gears to a new mission, get a printed picture of Wanderer with the Rainbow over his head up on the Temple before they burn it tonight. I quickly head back to Entheon to see what resources are available. I have to hurry as they close the Temple down by noon to prepare for the evening. I try Forest’s RV where they have a color printer, however the power is not working. I jump over in the Myth Maker bus and yet I don’t have the drivers for the printer. Luckily there is wireless internet so I can download what I need. After a couple of hours trying, nothing is working. I ask myself, “Why is this so difficult?” I keep trying and for whatever reason I plug my camera into my laptop and the memory card gets fried. Now the camera doesn’t work or even turn on. I am completely frustrated and go outside for some air. I share some of the story with friends and then have this sense of, “I failed my mission.” My good friend Enaly stops by and reminds me that sometimes our mission isn’t supposed to happen the way we envision it. As she said these words, a new vision came to me. I was going to put the entire camera along with the memory card that captured those shots of him into the fire. I have been wanting to get a newer camera anyway and this would be the perfect gift for Wanderer and a representation of me letting go.

I released the camera to Spirit and all the beautiful memories we shared that day with the Triple Rainbow. I Love You Wanderer and thank you for coming into my life at one of the most powerful times.

I am finally writing this after I just bought a new camera and beginning a new part of the journey. May you continue to fly with the Angels and bring Rainbows where ever you go.

Your BM Rainbow Bro, Osiris